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recent increase of human infections with dog heart worm dirofilaria immitis in japan.the human infection with dirofilaria immitis, was reported for the first time in 1964 from a subcutaneous case, and in 1968 from a pulmonary case in japan. since that time, a total of human d. immitis cases amounted to 120 cases up to the first half of 1995. among these, only one infection with d. repens was reported from a southern island of okinawa. the parasitological aspects of these cases are reviewed along with clinical, pathological, immunological and epidemiological features.19979802097
analysis of 16s rrna gene sequences of ehrlichia canis, anaplasma platys, and wolbachia species from canine blood in the present study, three canine blood samples from japan, that were suspected to be ehrlichia positive were examined. after sequencing the 16s rrna genes, each dog was found to be infected either with ehrlichia canis (kagoshima 1), anaplasma platys (okinawa 1), or wolbachia sp. (okinawa 2). phylogenic analysis was performed on these sequences. the nearly entire 16s rrna sequence of kagoshima 1 was found to be most similar to the sequences from oklahoma and venezuela e. canis strains (1 base p ...200312860708
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