a serological survey of encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in the wild rabbit in england and scotland.sera from 175 wild rabbits trapped in england or scotland over the past two years were tested for antibodies to encephalitozoon cuniculi. no sera were positive, suggesting that this common laboratory rabbit pathogen is rare in wild rabbits in these areas.19807414097
seroprevalence of antibodies to encephalitozoon cuniculi in domestic rabbits in the united kingdom.serum samples from 97 clinically healthy domestic rabbits were tested for antibodies to encephalitozoon cuniculi by an indirect elisa technique. fifty (52 per cent) of them were seropositive. the samples were taken as part of a routine health screen or before general anaesthesia at 22 veterinary practices in england, scotland and wales, and the veterinary surgeons were asked to complete a questionnaire to provide information concerning the animal's husbandry, diet, vaccination, health status and ...200616632526
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