[borrelia burgdorferi infection of ticks in some regions of poland].ixodes ricinus and dermacentor reticulatus ticks were collected by flagging from the vegetation at five different locations in poland in may 1994. i. ricinus (n191) and d. reticulatus (n48), as well as 24 argas reflexus collected from katowice, kornie, szcyglice, urwitaƂt and zwierzyniec, were examined for the presence of borrelia spirochetes by the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test (ifa). borrelia were found in adult i. ricinus ticks at all 5 collection sites. nine out of 39 i. ricinus m ...19947597184
zoonotic reservoir of babesia microti in poland.babesiosis is as one of the emerging human and animal diseases transmitted by ticks. it is caused intraerythrocytic parasites of the genus babesia. current evidence of human babesiosis suggests that the majority of cases are involved by babesia divergens and babesia microti piroplasms. as zoonotic reservoir of b. microti serve small mammals--insectivores and rodents. the occurrence of this parasite in natural environment in poland is documented for various regions, in the wide range of mammal ho ...200415787199
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