[human fasciolasis and gastrointestinal compromise: study of 277 patients in the cayetano heredia national hospital (1970-2002)].this is a retrospective and descriptive review of 277 patients suffering fasciolasis. these patients were seen in hospital nacional cayetano heredia between 1970-2002; 240 (86.6%) developed the chronic phase and 37 (13.3%) the acute form. group aged 20-29 years were the most affected (24%). the main places infected were the interandean valleys of lima, ancash and junin. the 277 patients the main symptoms were: abdominal pain in 236, nausea/vomiting in 106 and diarrhea in 100. hepatomegaly in 56, ...200415241493
evaluation of fas2-elisa for the serological detection of fasciola hepatica infection in humans.the performance of fas2-elisa for the diagnosis of fasciola hepatica infection in children living in areas of high endemicity for fascioliasis in the peruvian andes is analyzed. fas2-elisa is based on the detection of circulating igg antibodies elicited in infected individuals against a f. hepatica antigen termed fas2. the study was conducted in three andean localities, huertas-julcan in junin, asillo in puno, and cajamarca, with a total population of 634 children in an age range 1 to 16 years o ...200717488926
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