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fascioliasis problems in ruminants in rio grande do sul, brazil.the economic importance of fascioliasis in the livestock industry in the state of rio grande do sul was assessed through the federal meat inspection at major slaughter houses. annual average rates of the livers condemned by fasciola hepatica infection at the houses in the state have been recorded as 12-13% in cattle and 7% in sheep, respectively. many farms in the provinces of the frontier regions of brazil with uruguay are contaminated with f. hepatica and acute fascioliasis with a high mortali ...19826891851
mapping risk of bovine fasciolosis in the south of brazil using geographic information systems.fasciolosis, caused by fasciola hepatica, is an endemic disease of ruminants that occurs in several countries of south america where it can lead to decreased production and fertility and, in severe cases, animal death. although very prevalent, information on the epidemiology of the disease is incomplete in brazil. the objective of the present study was to define the prevalence of f. hepatica in the livers of cattle from slaughterhouses and correlate the data with the animal's origin (climate and ...201020071083
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