[lymnic molluscs from an alto araguaia area (brazil)].an analysis was carried out to determine the natural population of freshwater molluscs from 5 municipalities within the area of influence of the couto magalhães hydroelectric project. these municipalities cover a large area of the state of goiás and mato grosso do sul (brazil). in this study 624 molluscs of the following species were examined: drepanotrema anatinum, d. lucidum, d. depressissimum, biomphalaria straminea, d. schrammi, physa marmorata, lymnaea columella, pomacea and eupera. one to ...19911820602
fasciola hepatica in bovines in brazil: data availability and spatial distribution.fasciolosis is a disease of importance for both veterinary and public health. for the first time, georeferenced prevalence data of fasciola hepatica in bovines were collected and mapped for the brazilian territory and data availability was discussed. bovine fasciolosis in brazil is monitored on a federal, state and municipal level, and to improve monitoring it is essential to combine the data collected on these three levels into one dataset. data were collected for 1032 municipalities where live ...201724553606
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