seroprevalence of human fascioliasis in van province, turkey.fasciola hepatica is a rare zoonotic parasite that infects the liver of many mammals including humans. the aim of this study was to determine the seroprevalence of fascioliasis in van province by elisa (antibody detection) on the assumption that not all cases could be detected by stool examination alone.201526006203
human fasciolosis in van province, turkey.this investigation was carried out to determine the frequency of the fasciolosis in erciƟ, a town in the van province located in the eastern turkey. the study includes 500 asymptomatic subjects (322 males and 178 females) whose ages ranged from 5 to 75 years. in all subjects, stool samples were examined at initiation of the study and one week later to rule out pseudoparasitosis. the methods of flotation (in saturated saline solution) and sedimentation (in formalin-ether solution) were used in ex ...200415350869
[intestinal parasitoses detected in primary schoolchildren in the van province].this study was carried out on school children in primary schools in the van province in order to investigate the distribution of intestinal parasitoses. the study was conducted in 7-15 year-old primary schoolchildren during the years from 2003-2005. stool specimens were taken from 2975 school children; of these, 1289 were female and 1686, male. the specimens were examined by native-lugol, flotation and trichrome staining methods in the parasitology laboratory of the health research and training ...200920101580
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