detection of borrelia duttonii, a tick-borne relapsing fever agent in central tanzania, within ticks by flagellin gene-based nested polymerase chain reaction.argasid ticks collected in the site near mvumi hospital, dodoma, tanzania, were subjected to flagellin gene-based nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification for examination of borrelial infections. eight of 13 ticks gave a strong 350-bp signal; three had a weak signal at the same size, and the rest were negative. sequence determination of eight of the positive samples resulted in three types of flagellin gene sequences. the first type of sequence (shown by three individuals) was identi ...200112653131
new world relapsing fever borrelia found in ornithodoros porcinus ticks in central tanzania.ticks were collected from 8 houses in mvumi mission village, near dodoma, tanzania. all ticks were examined for borrelia infestation by flagellin gene-based nested polymerase chain reaction. all houses were highly infested with ticks, and all ticks collected were of the ornithodoros porcinus species. fifty-one out of 120 ticks were infected with spirochetes, and a flagellin gene sequence comparison showed that most of the spirochetes belonged to borrelia duttonii, which is the causative agent of ...200415272195
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