tick species and tick-borne infections identified in population from a rural area of determine the tick species that bite humans in the province of soria (spain) and ascertain the tick-borne pathogens that threaten people's health in that province, 185 tick specimens were collected from 179 patients who sought medical advice at health-care centres. the ticks were identified, and their dna examined by pcr for pathogens. most ticks were collected in autumn and spring (59 and 57 respectively). nine species of ticks were identified, the most frequent being dermacentor marginatus ...200516181517
increased prevalence of rickettsia aeschlimannii in castilla y león, spain.we report the increased prevalence recorded in recent years of rickettsia aeschlimannii in hyalomma marginatum marginatum ticks removed from human subjects in castilla y león (nw, spain). additionally, a simultaneous infection with r. aeschlimannii and anaplasma phagocytophilum in two h. marginatum marginatum ticks is reported for the first time.200918998174
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