anaplasma spp. in wild mammals and ixodes ricinus from the north of spain.our objectives were to investigate the presence of anaplasma spp. infection in red deer, wild boars, and ixodes ricinus removed from deer surveyed in la rioja, as well as to analyze the presence of anaplasma spp. in i. ricinus from different spanish regions--ours included. a total of 21 deer and 13 wild boar blood samples as well as 295 i. ricinus removed from deer, vegetation, or asymptomatic people were tested by polymerase chain reaction targeting anaplasma spp. 16s rrna gene and groesl heat ...201120528172
presence of granulocytic ehrlichia in ticks and serological evidence of human infection in la rioja, order to estimate the risks of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (hge) in an endemic area for lyme disease in the north of spain (la rioja), we collected and investigated by pcr specific to the e. phagocytophila group dna, a total of 6870 ixodes ricinus ticks. we also used an indirect immunofluorescence (ifi) test to study the presence of antibodies to the hge agent in 147 human serum samples including patients with lyme disease (ld), forestry workers, and persons with history of previous tick ...200111693514
detection of a non-pathogenic variant of anaplasma phagocytophilum in ixodes ricinus from la rioja, spain.our aim was to identify variants of anaplasma phagocytophilum 16s rrna gene sequences among products amplified from ixodes ricinus collected in la rioja, spain. a. phagocytophilum ap-variant 1, reported as non-pathogenic, was detected in 12 samples (two adults and ten nymphs). this finding could justify the low incidence of human anaplasmosis in our area, despite the high prevalence of a. phagocytophilum in ticks.200516481536
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