detection of babesia canis subspecies and other arthropod-borne diseases in dogs from tirana, albania.summary. the importance of arthropod-borne diseases increased in the recent past in particular due to frequent travel with dogs in or by importing of dogs from regions with endemic occurrence of these diseases. while the epidemiological situation is well known for the western parts of the mediterranean, only limited data is available for eastern europe and the balkans. thirty clinically healthy dogs from suburban areas of tirana, albania, were tested for babesia canis, hepatozoon spp., leishmani ...200919915816
parasites and vector-borne pathogens in client-owned dogs in albania. blood pathogens and seroprevalences of parasitic and other infectious agents.knowledge on the epidemiology of parasitic and vector-borne infections is still very limited for albania, a country located in the balkan peninsula in southeast europe. recent publications indicated prevalence rates of up to 52% for vector-borne infections in less-cared dogs in albania. to provide data on the epidemiological situation in dogs under veterinary care, a total of 602 client-owned dogs presented to four small animal clinics between march 2010 and april 2011 in tirana, albania, were s ...201626453093
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