[confirmation by pcr of the existence in tunisia of entamoeba histolytica and entamoeba dispar].amibias are illness in tunisia diagnosed until now on the sole basis of the morphological aspects of the parasite. our aim is to report the first tunisian results concerning the molecular identification of e. histolytica/e. dispar,200717668576
[value of screening for intestinal and urinary parasites in non-resident permanent students in tunisia].in order to fight digestive and urinary parasitoses, a national program of surveillance has been founded. the screening of these parasitoses among the non permanent resident students in tunisia (enrpts) is one of the main actions of this program. among 2560 enrpts tested in the laboratory of parasitologie of institut pasteur of tunis, between 1998 and 2002, 674 were infected by parasites, which represents a global prévalence of 26.3%. the intestinal protozoa constitute the majority of parasites ...200315941065
[epidemiological, clinical and parasitological data concerning intestinal amebiasis in northern tunisia].in order to evaluate the principal characteristics of the intestinal amoebiasis in the north of tunisia, one retrospective study review all cases diagnosed in principal gastroenterologic sections of the hospitals of tunis. twenty height cases of intestinal amoebiasis, 10 of which have an inflammatory bowel disease associated were included. watery stools containing blood and mucus were the most important symptoms (25 cases). the endoscopic exam showed for all the cases non specific lesions. the d ...200312934452
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