serological investigations for the cause of diarrhoea among patients and personnel in the minna and abeokuta hospitals/nigeria.188 blood samples were investigated for antibodies against bacteria causing diarrhoea in two hospitals in minna and abeokuta in nigeria. antibodies were found against entamoeba histolytica, yersinia enterocolitica, campylobacter jejuni, salmonella typhi, salmonella paratyphi c, shigella dysenteriae, shigella sonnei, shigella boydii, shigella flexneri and rotavirus.19873443752
pattern of infection of intestinal parasites in sagbama community of the niger delta, nigeria.a parasitology survey was conducted in sagbama community of the niger delta to determine the pattern of infection of intestinal parasites of man. 280 faecal samples were collected from randomly selected individuals and examined microscopically for ova, larvae and cysts of intestinal parasites. the overall infection rate was 33.6%. the frequency of the parasites encountered was as follows: ascaris lumbricoides (18.2%). entamoeba histolytica (6.4%). hookworm (5.4%). trichuris trichiura (3.5%), str ...19957626531
intestinal parasitic infections in pre-school children in the niger delta.stool specimens from 1,062 pre-school children in the niger delta were examined for the presence of intestinal parasites. of that number, 77.6% harboured one or more than one species of intestinal parasites. ascaris lumbricoides (51.9%) and trichuris trichiura (41.7%) were the most prevalent species recorded. other parasites harboured by these children included hymenolepis sp. (18.3%), giardia lamblia (9.2%), entamoeba histolytica (4.6%), strongyloides stercoralis (1.4%). hookworm, taenia sp., i ...19863701056
[hepatic amebiasis at niamey hospital (nigeria)].the authors report the results of a prospective study on hepatic amebiasis realized in national hospital of niamey (republic of niger). hepatic amebiasis is uncommon in niger as in other hot and dry countries of africa whereas it is common in hot and damp areas of the continent. these results point out the hypothesis of a hepatotropic strain of entamoeba histolytica uncommon in sahelia area whereas the amebiasis infestation is frequent.19873329987
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