health status of children living in a squatter area of manila, philippines, with particular emphasis on intestinal 1988 a study was performed in a squatter area of manila, philippines. three substudies were carried out: (1) an analysis of the reported health situation and the available health services for the population of smokey mountain, (2) a vaccination coverage survey and (3) a cross-sectional stool sample survey. respiratory infections, diarrhea, measles and malnutrition were the most frequently reported causes of ill-health and death. not only governmental but also various non-governmental health s ...19902237597
two-year survey of etiologic agents of diarrheal disease at san lazaro hospital, manila, republic of the philippines.the prevalence of bacterial pathogens and rotavirus in 2,908 patients with diarrhea who were admitted to san lazaro hospital in manila in 1983 and 1984 was determined. one or more enteric pathogens were isolated or detected in samples from 1,698 (58.4%) patients. isolation rates for the various enteropathogens were as follows: rotavirus, 30.6%; shigella spp., 11.6%; salmonella spp., 9.2%; enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (1983 only), 7.8%; vibrio cholerae biotype eltor, 3.8%; non-o1 v. cholerae, ...19873038946
infection status of intestinal parasites in children living in residential institutions in metro manila, the philippines.a small scale survey was performed to know the infection status of intestinal parasite in children of the residential institutions and street communities in metro manila, philippines. a total of 284 stool samples from 11 institutions and 3 street communities was examined by the formalin-ether concentration method. the scotch tape anal swab was adapted to 121 children to investigate the infection status of enterovius vermicularis. it was found out that 62.0% of the children examined were positive ...200415181346
prevalence and genetic diversity of entamoeba histolytica in an institution for the mentally retarded in the philippines.a total of 113 mentally retarded patients residing in a mental institution in metropolitan manila, philippines, were screened for the presence of entamoeba histolytica based on microscopy and polymerase chain reaction (pcr). anti-e. histolytica antibodies were also screened in 97 serum samples collected using immunofluorescence antibody (ifa) test. parasitological examination showed e. histolytica/entamoeba dispar in 43 cases (38.05%), while pcr detected 74 cases (65.48%) positive for e. histoly ...200616284779
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