intestinal and blood parasites in the north lore district, central sulawesi, indonesia.over 1,000 stool specimens from residents of the napu and besoa valleys, central sulawesi, indonesia were examined. schistosoma japonicum was detected in 31% of napu valley residents while in only 2% of the besoa valley residents. hookworm infections were the most frequently encountered helminth parasitisms in both valleys. other helminth parasites encountered were: ascaris lumbricoides, trichuris trichiura, enterobius vermicularis, strongyloides stercoralis, physaloptera sp., diphyllobothrium s ...1977335530
parasitology survey in the palu valley, central sulawesi (celebes), indonesia.a survey was undertaken in the palu valley, central sulasesi to determine whether schisto somiasis japonica was endemic in the area and to determine the prevalences rates of intestinal and blood parasites. seven villages along the palu river drainage system with an estimated popualtion of 18,700 were surveyed and 2,433 stools, 3,651 blood smears and 1,167 sera were collected and examined.1975176737
serological study of amebiasis and toxoplasmosis in the lindu valley, central sulawesi, indonesia.results of a serology survey in april 1972 for entamoeba histolytica and toxoplasma gondii antibodies among 484 inhabitants of the isolated lake lindu valley of central sulawesi (celebes) are presented. indirect hemagglutination antibody titers for amebiasis were found in over 10% of the population, although only 3.7% demonstrated significant titers of 1:128 or greater. there appeared to be no relationship between antibody titers and the age and sex of individuals tested, and the frequency distr ...1975171809
parasites of man in remote areas of central and south sulawesi, indonesia.a biomedical survey was conducted in 10 villages in remote, high mountain valleys of central and south sulawesi, indonesia to learn whether oriental schistosomiasis was endemic and to determine the prevalences of other intestinal parasites, malaria and filariasis in those areas. although persons with oriental schistosomiasis were found in three villages of south sulawesi, follow-up inquiries revealed that these had recently migrated from a known schistosomiasis area in central sulawesi. other in ...1977607428
schistosomiasis and other human parasitoses of lake lindu in central sulawesi (celebes), indonesia. 19744363039
intestinal and blood parasites in the torro valley, central sulawesi, indonesia.approximately 300 blood and fecal specimens were examined in a parasitologic survey of indigenous inhabitants of the small isolated torro valley in the mountains of central sulawesi. schistosoma japonicum was not found although the parasite is endemic in the neighboring lindu and napu valleys. hookworm infection (71%) was the most common helminthiasis. the prevalences of ascariasis (3%) and trichuriasis (2%) are low for indonesia in general but similar to those found in nearby mountainous areas ...19807221687
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