an ecological interdependence of diet and disease? a study of infection in one tribe consuming two different diets.the nature and incidence of infections were studied in two groups of turkana living in the same area but eating different diets; one consumed milk only and the other a combination of fish and milk. the only apparent and significant nutritional difference between the two groups was mild iron deficiency in the milk drinkers. episodes of fever, symptomatic infection with malaria and brucellosis, molluscum contagiosum and common warts, episodes of diarrhea, and serological evidence of infection with ...19807355850
prevalence of enteropathogens in stools of rural maasai children under five years of age in the maasailand region of the kenyan rift valley.stool samples were collected during august 1994 from seventy rural maasai children under the age of five years who were living in the maasailand region of the kenyan rift valley. microbiological analysis was carried out on these samples to identify which intestinal pathogens were present among the infant population of the maasai. of the samples studied 54% were pathogen positive. the most common pathogen isolated was giardia lamblia which was detected in 31% of the samples. other pathogens that ...19968625866
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