haemoproteus columbae in domestic pigeons in sebele, gaborone, botswana.mature and immature stages of haemoproteus columbae gametocytes, an avian haemosporidian protozoan parasite were found in 75% of blood smears prepared from 30 healthy domestic pigeons in sebele location, gaborone, botswana. parenteral administration of an immuno-suppressive dose of dexamethasone, lowered the level of parasitaemia, the packed cell volume and the heterophil:lymphocyte ratio in the test pigeons. however, both the dexamethasone-treated and the control pigeons remained clinically nor ...199910396759
parasites of domestic pigeons (columba livia domestica) in sebele, gaborone, botswana.the following parasites were found in apparently healthy pigeons kept in sebele: a haemoprotozoan, haemoproteus columbae (80%); endoparasite metazoan nematodes, ascaridia columbae (30%) and dispharynx spiralis (10%); a cestode, raillietina sp. (80%) and coccidian oocysts (40%); 2 ectoparasites, namely the pigeon fly, pseudolynchia canariensis (50%) and the louse, columbicola columbae (30%). the pigeons also had highantibody titres, (1:256) to the protozoan parasite toxoplasma gondii (100%). the ...200011212939
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