[prevalence of antitreponemal antibodies in 3,098 female prostitutes in mexico city].this paper describes a serological survey applied to 3098 female commercial sex workers, in order to determine the prevalence of syphilis. the women attend regularly an aids orientation center sponsored by conasida in mexico city. the laboratory tests included the rapid plasma reagin assay (presumptive analysis) and the fluorescent treponemal antibody-absorption technique (confirmatory test). no primary syphilis cases were detected and the prevalence of latent asymptomatic syphilis was 8.2% (255 ...19947899733
[characteristics related to std/hiv in men working in mexico city bars where female prostitution takes place].this research work intended to describe the characteristics and the seroprevalence of some sexually transmitted diseases (std), in men working in bars where female commercial sex takes place.19958600553
[prevalence and risk factors associated with syphilis in women].although the incidence of syphilis is generally low, it remains an important global public health problem, given its interaction with other sexually transmitted diseases (stds). it has been shown that syphilis, due to the genital ulcers it produces, is a co-factor for acquiring other stds, principally those of viral origin such as herpes simples type 2, hepatitis b and hiv. many female commercial sex workers (fcsw) in mexico have been found to have acquired good levels of knowledge about std pre ...199810349151
[prevalence and factors associated with syphilis and genital herpes in 2 groups of the female population].to assess the frequency of hsv-2 and treponema pallidum markers and their relationship with characteristics of women during gynecological outpatient visits.200314974272
[maternal and congenital syphilis in two mexican hospitals: evaluation of a rapid diagnostic test].to estimate the prevalence of maternal and neonatal syphilis, to assess the usefulness of a rapid treponemic diagnostic test, and to evaluate the frequency of screening for syphilis during prenatal care in mexican women.200616827264
low prevalences of hiv infection and sexually transmitted disease among female commercial sex workers in mexico city.this study tried to determine human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)/sexually transmitted disease (std) prevalences among female commercial sex workers in mexico city.19979224186
brief communication: a case of congenital syphilis during the colonial period in mexico city.congenital syphilis has been diagnosed very seldom in ancient populations. the case that we examined comes from san jeronimo's church (17th and 18th centuries ad; mexico city). coffin 43 contained an incomplete skeleton of an approximately 2-year-old infant. the pathological lesions of this skeleton include bilateral osteochondritis, diaphyseal osteomyelitis, and osteitis and/or periostitis on the long bones. the radiographic appearance depicts symmetrical osteomyelitic foci, particularly at the ...19957653507
prevalence of antibodies against treponema pallidum among hiv-positive patients in a tertiary care hospital in mexico.our objective was to determine the seroprevalence of syphilis among hiv-infected patients in a tertiary care hospital in mexico city. a cross-sectional study was developed, and 318 hiv-positive patients were evaluated from january to february 2013 at hospital de infectología, national medical center 'la raza' (a tertiary care hospital specialising in infectious diseases in mexico city). laboratory data were screened for the detection of antibodies against treponema pallidum. patients completed a ...201524713227
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