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[prevalence and factors associated with syphilis and genital herpes in 2 groups of the female population].to assess the frequency of hsv-2 and treponema pallidum markers and their relationship with characteristics of women during gynecological outpatient visits.200314974272
[maternal and congenital syphilis in two mexican hospitals: evaluation of a rapid diagnostic test].to estimate the prevalence of maternal and neonatal syphilis, to assess the usefulness of a rapid treponemic diagnostic test, and to evaluate the frequency of screening for syphilis during prenatal care in mexican women.200616827264
maternal/child seroprevalence of antibodies against treponema pallidum at four general hospitals in the state of morelos, mexico.treponema pallidum can cause syphilis in pregnant women and congenital syphilis in the newborn. in latin america, 330,000 pregnant women are diagnosed with syphilis every year. adequate prenatal care to detect syphilis reduces maternal morbidity and fetal and neonatal mortality and morbidity. we undertook this study to determine t. pallidum seroprevalence among pregnant and puerperal women from morelos, mexico, as well as to evaluate the sexual behavior, demographic and clinical variables associ ...201223085448
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