[survey of sexually transmitted diseases in the region of rio cuarto].sexually transmitted diseases (std) are acquired mainly through sexual intercourse, being one of the most frequent groups of infectious diseases worldwide and consequently an important public health problem. the aim of this paper was to determine the current state of std and to compare different diagnostic methods in the population studied. a total of 1060 samples from vaginal flows, endocervical material and urethral discharge were studied during 3 years. of the total samples, 583 were positive ...19989922478
epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases in río cuarto, argentina.sexually transmitted diseases (std) are a group of transmittable diseases acquired fundamentally through sexual contact. std are a social problem resulting from demographic explosion and changes in sexual conduct, which affects teenagers and adults of all socioeconomic strata. the goal of this work was to establish the actual state of the different std within the studied population. samples of vaginal fluids, endocervical materials and urethral exudates taken from 2,630 patients during five year ...200117061502
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