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vascular tissue banking: state of the art.the cardiovascular homograft banks in italy were set up in 1994 in milan (lombardia) and treviso (veneto) and in 2001 in bologna, emilia romagna. in this study we briefly summarize the data from emilia romagna cardiovascular tissue bank.200516182699
antenatal syphilis serology in pregnant women and follow-up of their infants in northern italy.positive syphilis serology was noted in 119 (0.49%) of the 24 053 pregnant women delivering at st orsola hospital in bologna, italy, from november 2000 through july 2007. six presumptive cases of congenital syphilis with igm western blot positive results were found. two infants had a positive cerebrospinal fluid (csf) venereal disease research laboratory test result (one also had a positive csf pcr result), another presented long-bone lesions, and the remaining three were preterm. these observat ...200818834451
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