[sexually transmitted diseases in women, mothers, under-age females. 7th consensus conference on antiinfectious therapy. paris, 3 november 1993].this paper is a report of a consensus conference held by the "société de pathologie infectieuse de langue française" on diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in females (hiv and hepatitis b being excluded). three subjects are concerned. 1) diagnosis and medical treatment of salpingitis, with particular attention to salpingitis in adolescent girls, the two most common infections being chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae. 2) diagnosis and treatment of sexually transm ...19947987468
validation of the inno-lia syphilis kit as a confirmatory assay for treponema pallidum antibodies.the commercially available diagnostic tests for syphilis are mostly based on the use of extracted antigens of treponema pallidum. pronounced cross-reactivities with other spirochete antigens are often reported. the aim of this study was to validate a novel multiparametric assay (the assay performed with the kit) inno-lia syphilis for the confirmation of syphilis antibodies in a set of 840 documented human serum samples. all serum samples were previously tested at the french world health organiza ...200010618090
lymphogranuloma venereum: 27 cases in paris.twenty-seven men with laboratory-confirmed lymphogranuloma venereum (lgv) were identified among 211 patients tested for lgv or chancroid during a 6-y period. the patients with lgv ranged in age from 17 to 73 y; most were from countries other than france. twenty-five sought care because of inguinal adenopathy (with spontaneous draining fistulae in two patients) and two because of proctitis. chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from nine patients; all isolates were the lgv biovar as demonstrated by ...19892677162
molecular subtyping of treponema pallidum in paris, france.two major treponema pallidum subtypes, 14 d/g and 14 d/f, were identified in a population of 119 patients with syphilis in paris, france, characterized by a high proportion of men who have sex with men. a new subtype named 11 q/j was characterized, and a reinfection case was determined in 1 patient having consecuitve syphilis infection at 19-month interval.201323859911
outbreak of syphilis among hiv-infected patients: descriptive data from a parisian hospital. 200516254548
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