performance of serological tests for syphilis in sexually transmitted diseases clinics in guangxi autonomous region, china: implications for syphilis surveillance and control.china is experiencing a growing syphilis epidemic. individuals are currently screened and cases are confirmed using traditional serological testing methods.200919254485
high resistance to azithromycin in clinical samples from patients with sexually transmitted diseases in guangxi zhuang autonomous region, china.azithromycin is used as an alternative medicine in patients with syphilis who are intolerant to penicillin. nevertheless, the report of treatment failure of azithromycin for patients with syphilis has raised concerns in china in the past years. in this study, 178 patients with early syphilis, who were treated in sexually transmitted infections clinics in four cities in guangxi zhuang autonomous region were enrolled to investigate the regional prevalence of treponema pallidum strain resistant to ...201627467164
improving strategies for syphilis control in china: selective testing of sexually transmitted disease patients--too little, too late?summary: syphilis testing guidelines in china are usually based on symptomatic criteria, overlooking risk assessment and ultimately opportunities for disease detection and control. we used data from 10,695 sexually transmitted disease (std) clinic patients in guangxi, china, to assess the efficacy of a potential screening tool inquiring about behavioural and health risk factors in identifying the std patients who should not be triaged for syphilis testing under current guidelines, but on the con ...200819050215
risk of syphilis in sti clinic patients: a cross-sectional study of 11,500 cases in guangxi, measure prevalence of syphilis among the sti clinic population in guangxi, china, and to assess the socioeconomic and behavioural characteristics associated with the infection.200717591664
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