donation deferral criteria for human immunodeficiency virus positivity among blood donors in northern thailand.the purpose of this study was to develop human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection donation deferral criteria for blood donors in an hiv-epidemic area of northern thailand, where the predominant means of transmission of hiv is through heterosexual contact.19968604510
human papillomaviruses and cervical cancer in bangkok. i. risk factors for invasive cervical carcinomas with human papillomavirus types 16 and 18 dna.personal interviews, tests for antibodies to herpes simplex virus type 2, treponema pallidum, and hepatitis b, tests for hepatitis b surface antigen (hbsag), and polymerase chain reaction-based assays for human papillomavirus (hpv) dna in cervical scrapings were obtained from 190 women with squamous cell and 42 women with adenomatous cervical carcinoma and from 291 hospitalized controls diagnosed in bangkok, thailand, between september 1991 and september 1993. risk was strongly associated with o ...200111296143
syphilitic seroreactivity among the thai population aged 50 years and above: value of mass screening.the present study is concerned with the evaluation of routine serologic screening for syphilis among the general population aged 50 and above living in a suburban area of bangkok, thailand. among 941 subjects aged 50 years and above recruited in a cohort study named the cerb study, blood of 798 subjects was obtained and their sera were tested for syphilis using the passive particle agglutination test for detection of antibodies to treponema pallidum (tppa) and the rapid plasma reagin (rpr). of 7 ...200011127338
congenital syphilitic nephrosis.analysis of congenital syphilis in 455 infants and neonates between 1977-1991 in children's hospital, bangkok, thailand revealed 11 cases (2.4%) with evidence of congenital syphilitic nephrotic syndrome which were confirmed by clinical, serologic and laboratory findings, long bone x-rays and renal biopsy. ages of all 11 cases were between 1 day to 2 months (mean 24 days); 6 were boys and 5 girls. two of them died because of necrotizing enterocolitis and sepsis respectively; the mortality rate wa ...19938160074
seroprevalence of hiv among female sex workers in bangkok: evidence of ongoing infection risk after the "100% condom program" was implemented.after implementation in 1991 of a nationwide campaign to promote condom use during commercial sex, hiv-1 seroprevalence among young men began to decrease in 1994. however, it is unknown to what degree female sex workers (fsws) have been protected from infection.199910428110
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