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pattern of sexually transmitted diseases in a malagasy concerning the spectrum and antimicrobial susceptibility of stds in madagascar are scarce.19947871444
chancroid, primary syphilis, genital herpes, and lymphogranuloma venereum in antananarivo, madagascar.ulcer material from consecutive patients attending clinics in antananarivo, madagascar, was tested using multiplex polymerase chain reaction (m-pcr) to detect treponema pallidum, haemophilus ducreyi, and herpes simplex virus. sera were tested for syphilis and for igg and igm antibodies to chlamydia trachomatis by microimmunofluorescence testing (mif). by m-pcr, 33% of 196 patients had chancroid, 29% had syphilitic ulcers, and 10% had genital herpes; 32% of the ulcer specimens were m-pcr negative ...199910479178
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