sexually transmitted infections in young pregnant women in bangui, central african early 1996, 481 women visiting the antenatal services of the 3 major governmental health centres in the capital city of the central african republic (car) were included in the study. all study participants underwent the health centre's routine gynaecological examination, including laboratory diagnosis of trichomoniasis, candidiasis, gonorrhoea, syphilis and bacterial vaginosis. cervical secretions and blood samples from study participants were sent to the national std reference centre for dia ...199910492429
[sero-epidemiologic study of several sexually transmitted diseases (including hiv infection) in a rural zone of the central african republic].a study of several sexually transmitted diseases (std) (hiv1, hiv2, hepatitis b and syphilis) was performed among high school students and hospitalized patients in bozoum, a rural town in the central african republic (car). the rate of injection for each disease (hbs + : 20.9%, tpha + : 13.5%, hiv1: 7.3% and hiv2 + : 0%) are similar to the figures obtained in bangui. the std's, such as syphilis and hepatitis b, as well as hiv infection, are well established among the population studied. hiv infe ...19883064938
[seroprevalence of hiv-1 infections in patients consulting the clinic for sexually transmitted diseases in bangui, central african republic].140 consecutive african, exclusively heterosexual, adult outpatients to the clinique des maladies sexuellement transmissibles, with genital ulcers or urethritis, were studied in order to determine the status for hiv1-infection and syphilis. comparison with 194 age and sex matched subjects, without std, were chosen as controls. in the "std"'s population, the hiv1 seroprevalence was 17.8%, and anti-treponema antibodies were found in 30% of the cases. patients with genital ulcer were associated wit ...19911764752
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