indirect immunofluorescence test in new world leishmaniasis: serological and clinical relationship.the indirect immunofluorescence test (if) for anti-leishmania antibodies (igg and igm) was performed with sera from the following groups of individuals: 214 cutaneous leishmaniasis patients, 28 healthy subjects with positive montenegro's skin test (mst), 29 healthy subjects with negative mst and 16 visceral leishmaniasis patients. the first four groups came from a suburban area of rio de janeiro (jacarepaguá) where cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by leishmania braziliensis braziliensis is endemic ...19883078345
an outbreak of american cutaneous leishmaniasis (leishmania braziliensis braziliensis) in a periurban area of rio de janeiro city, brazil: clinical and epidemiological studies.from july 1984 to september 1986, 105 cases of american cutaneous leishmaniasis were studied in a locality closely situated to an urbanized area of the city of rio de janeiro, brazil. settlement in this area was established at least 20 years ago but the first cases were noted six months prior to the beginning of this study. cases were almost exclusively cutaneous and ulcerated, with one to six months of evolution. montenegro's skin tests were positive in all cases and anti-leishmania antibodies ...19883271941
canine american cutaneous leishmaniasis: a clinical and immunological study in dogs naturally infected with leishmania braziliensis braziliensis in an endemic area of rio de janeiro, brazil.clinical and immunological findings from 35 dogs infected with leishmania braziliensis braziliensis are described. the majority of the dogs had ulcerated single lesions on the ears. sera from all infected dogs showed detectable leishmania-induced antibodies using an indirect fluorescent antibody test. antimonial therapy resulted in prompt healing of the lesions in 80.9% of the animals followed by a significant reduction in the anti-leishmania antibody titers. however, treatment follow-up showed ...19883277465
human, canine and equine leishmaniasis caused by leishmania braziliensis braziliensis in an endemic area in the state of rio de janeiro. 19873507562
a survey for american cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis among 1,342 dogs from areas in rio de janeiro (brazil) where the human diseases occur.there are areas in the periphery of rio de janeiro city where human cases of visceral and/or cutaneous leishmaniasis occur. the parasites have been identified as leishmania donovani and leishmania braziliensis braziliensis respectively. a survey for leishmaniasis was done among 1,342 dogs from those areas using an indirect immunofluorescent test. from the dogs, 616 came from areas where only human cases of visceral leishmaniasis occurred, 373 from an area where all human cases were of cutaneous ...19853910994
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