peromyscus maniculatus, a possible reservoir host of borrelia garinii, at the gannet islands, newfoundland and labrador.abstract thirty-five deer mice, peromyscus maniculatus, were trapped on gannet cluster 2 (gc-2), one of a group of islands numbered by convention, of the gannet island archipelago and examined for ectoparasites. one species each of acari (ixodes uriae) and siphonaptera (orchopeas leucopus) were recovered. samples of mice favored males to females (3.4:1). twenty-nine percent (10) of the mice were free of ectoparasites. males were more heavily parasitized than females when both parasites were cons ...201121506809
identification of ixodes scapularis in newfoundland, canada. 200010992615
borrelia garinii in seabird ticks (ixodes uriae), atlantic coast, north america.borrelia garinii is the most neurotropic of the genospecies of b. burgdorferi sensu lato that cause lyme disease in europe, where it is transmitted to avian and mammalian reservoir hosts and to humans by ixodes ricinus. b. garinii is also maintained in an enzootic cycle in seabirds by i. uriae, a tick found at high latitudes in both the northern and southern hemispheres. to determine whether b. garinii is present in seabird ticks on the atlantic coast of north america, we examined 261 i. uriae t ...200617326943
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