borrelia-like spirochetes recovered from ticks and small mammals collected in the atlantic forest reserve, cotia county, state of são paulo, brazil.forty-four marsupials, 77 rodents and 161 ticks were captured in an atlantic forest reserve in cotia county, state of são paulo, where human cases of lyme disease (ld) simile were reported. twenty-one borrelia-like spirochete isolates were recovered from the mammals' blood and rodent livers or spleens, and triturated ticks inoculated into bsk ii medium. our results suggest that the reservoirs and ticks collected may harbor borrelia-like spirochetes, some of which have an antigenic similarity wit ...200010998210
profile of patients with baggio-yoshinari syndrome admitted at "instituto de infectologia emilio ribas".the aim of this study was to evaluate the epidemiological, clinical and laboratorial profile of patients with baggio-yoshinari syndrome (bys), who underwent internment at the instituto de infectologia emilio ribas in são paulo, brazil, during the period from july 1990 to july 2006. bys is a new brazilian tick-borne disease caused by borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato microorganisms that resembles features of lyme disease (ld), except for its epidemiological, clinical and laboratorial particularitie ...201021225212
[epidemiological study of lyme disease in brazil].lyme disease is a tick-born infection first reported in united states of america in 1977 by allen c. steere. it occurred in the state of connecticut; other cases have been discovered in others states of usa and also in other countries (canada, soviet union, japan, china, australia). this disease has not been reported in south america yet. in order to investigate this disease in brasil, a multi-disciplinary group including microbiologists, entomologists and clinicians was created at the universit ...19921340016
parasitism by ixodes didelphidis and i. loricatus (acari: ixodidae) on small wild mammals from an atlatic forest in the state of sao paulo, brazil.from january 1995 to june 1996, ticks were studied in a fragment of atlantic forest in a residential area in the city of itapevi, state of sao paulo, brazil. cases of human lyme disease-like illness were registered in this area during the spring of 1992. the monthly relative density of ticks was determined and the influence of seasonal climatic conditions was evaluated as well as the relationship between ticks and hosts. ticks (n = 88) were collected from small mammals captured (n = 134) in mont ...200011185614
coexistence of antibodies to tick-borne agents of babesiosis and lyme borreliosis in patients from cotia county, state of são paulo, brazil.this paper reports a case of coinfection caused by pathogens of lyme disease and babesiosis in brothers. this was the first case of borreliosis in brazil, acquired in cotia county, state of s o paulo, brazil. both children had tick bite history, presented erythema migrans, fever, arthralgia, mialgia, and developed positive serology (elisa and western-blotting) directed to borrelia burgdorferi g 39/40 and babesia bovis antigens, mainly of igm class antibodies, suggestive of acute disease. also, h ...200312886408
[lyme disease. report of a case observed in brazil].lyme disease is an infectious disease caused by spirochete borrelia burgdorferi transmitted by ixodid tick bite. the geographic distribution of the disease is universal, but the disease has not been identified definitely in south america yet. we report a probable case of lyme disease in a woman, living in jagůaré slum (são paulo), who showed characteristics skin lesions of erythema chronicum migrans, with fever, weakness, headache, muscular pain, cough, arthralgia and sensitive radicular neuropa ...19938284588
borrelia burgdorferi antibodies in dogs from cotia county, são paulo state, brazil.dogs sera samples collected from cotia county, são paulo were tested using indirect immunoenzymatic test (elisa) in order to study lyme disease serology in dogs. elisa method was standardized and g39/40 north american strain of borrelia burgdorferi was used as antigen. positive results were confirmed employing the western blotting technique. because of the possibility of cross-reactions, sera were also tested for different serological strains of leptospira interrogans and l. biflexa using micros ...200111696846
surveillance for zoonotic vector-borne infections using sick dogs from southeastern brazil.for many vector-borne organisms, dogs can be used as sentinels to estimate the risk of human infection. the objective of this study was to use dogs as sentinels for multiple vector-borne organisms in order to evaluate the potential for human infection with these agents in southeastern brazil. blood from 198 sick dogs with clinicopathological abnormalities consistent with tick-borne infections were selected at the são paulo state university veterinary teaching hospital in botucatu and tested for ...200718021025
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