clinicopathological features of primary cutaneous b-cell lymphomas from an academic regional hospital in central italy: no evidence of borrelia burgdorferi association.we reviewed the clinico-pathological features of 73 primary cutaneous b-cell lymphomas (pcbcls), diagnosed in 10 years in marche region in central italy, which included 16 marginal zone lymphomas (mzl), 33 follicle centre lymphomas (fcl) and 24 diffuse large b cell lymphomas (dlbcl). we also investigated the presence of borrelia burgdorferi in tissues by polymerase chain reaction. differences in age, sex, location site, response to therapy, disease recurrence and 5-year disease-specific survival ...200717926178
lyme disease and the detection of borrelia burgdorferi genospecies in ixodes ricinus ticks from central italy.the province of pesaro-urbino, situated in the marche region of central italy, can be considered to be an area at risk for lyme disease because of its ecological features. field data are not yet available although the disease is known to be present in neighbouring areas. during a field study lasting twelve months, ticks were collected from the vegetation, from wild cervids and also from humans who reported a tick bite at the local hospital. all ticks were identified and ixodes ricinus specimens ...201020560127
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