prevalence of igg reactivity in lyme borreliosis patients versus borrelia garinii and borrelia afzelii in a restricted area of northern italy.this survey evaluates the antibody band patterns of sera taken from clinically defined cases of lyme borreliosis, towards three locally isolated strains of borrelia burgdorferi, belonging to the three species: borrelia sensu stricto, borrelia garinii and borrelia afzelii, by means of western blot. the sera were taken from patients resident in a limited area of friuli venezia giulia (fvg) region. the data indicated that, besides a different feature of the band reactivity which correlated to the d ...19958745006
molecular identification of borrelia valaisiana and hge-like ehrlichia in ixodes ricinus ticks sampled in north-eastern italy: first report in veneto region.pcr amplification was applied to screen the presence of both borrelia burgdorferi s.l. and ehrlichia species in pools of field-collected ixodes ricinus ticks. the specimens so far analysed (n = 55), grouped in 11 pools, were sampled in feltre area (veneto region, ne italy). five pools proved positive for b. valaisiana (45%) and one of them (9%) was also positive for ehrlichia, that was further characterised as a hge-like ehrlichia. this is the first report of the two bacteria in the veneto regio ...200111921543
serological evidence of rickettsia infections in forestry rangers in north-eastern italy.the prevalence of antibodies to rickettsiae and other tick-borne microrganisms in the sera of 181 forestry rangers from friuli-venezia-giulia, italy, was examined. seven (3.9%) sera were positive for rickettsia conorii and rickettsia helvetica, as single or dual infections; four of these sera had been found previously to be positive for borrelia burgdorferi. antibodies to coxiella burnetii were detected in five (2.8%) sera, four of which were also positive for b. burgdorferi. these findings indi ...200616643531
seroprevalence of tick-borne infections in forestry rangers from northeastern italy.the aim of this study was to estimate the seroprevalence of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi, anaplasma phagocitophilum and tick-borne encephalitis (tbe) virus, and risk factors, in forestry rangers from the friuli-venezia-giulia region in northeastern italy. sera from 181 forestry rangers were examined with two-tiered serological tests for tbe, lyme borreliosis and ehrlichiosis. information about risk factors such as job location, residence, number of tick bites and outdoor leisure activities ...200415606631
[ticks and the pediatrician].the match between ticks and pediatricians in italy is usually a seasonal event related to the spring and summer trips and to the increasing of outdoor activity that sun and warm weather allow, both for children and ticks. so cared parents reach emergencies asking for tick removal but more often after the tick has yet been removed by empirical manoeuvres and after the killing and the destruction of the "enemy". we have scheduled, in the years 2002-2003, the 167 children that reached our unit for ...200415305698
isolation and characterization of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato strains in an area of italy where lyme borreliosis is endemic.between 1993 and 1998, we isolated borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato from 55 of the 119 patients with clinically diagnosed lyme borreliosis who were admitted to "san martino" hospital in belluno, veneto, an adriatic region in northeastern italy where lyme borreliosis is endemic. upon hospitalization, all patients presented erythema migrans. isolates were typed using ribosomal dna pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) analysis of the rrfa-rrlb intergenic spacer. of the 41 isolates typ ...200111376066
detection of hge agent-like ehrlichia in ixodes ricinus ticks in northern italy by pcr.little is known about the distribution of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (hge) in europe and even less is known in italy, where no case of clinically documented hge has been reported. in a previous study we reported the presence of ehrlichia dna in ixodes ricinus ticks from central italy. by the use of an ehrlichia-specific pcr we found that 24% of the ticks were positive. furthermore, we demonstrated a simultaneous coinfection of the same tick by both, borrelia burgdorferi and ehrlichia phagoc ...199810048173
lyme disease in italy, 1983-1996.this paper is a brief review of the epidemiology of lyme disease in italy. the first case of the illness was identified by crovato in liguria in 1983. in the following years, many other cases have been reported from all italian regions with the exception of valle d'aosta, basilicata and calabria. the exact number of cases in our country is not known because lyme disease was not a notifiable disease until 1990, but on the basis of literature data, at least 1324 cases have been observed in the fou ...19989812324
a study of the presence of b. burgdorferi, anaplasma (previously ehrlichia) phagocytophilum, rickettsia, and babesia in ixodes ricinus collected within the territory of belluno, the years 2000 and 2001, we sampled ticks in order to establish the distribution of ixodes ricinus in the province of belluno; 5987 tick samples from 244 sites throughout the province were gathered, by dragging for a 5-min period. in 40 sites, seasonal variations and cycle stages of the parasites were studied at monthly intervals from march to september. a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) technique was used to identify the tick-infected sites. of 1931 individual ticks, 8.23% were positive for ...200616584324
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