diversionary role of hoofed game in the transmission of lyme disease determine whether the presence of ungulates may inhibit transmission of the agent of lyme disease (borrelia burgdorferi) while promoting the abundance of its european vector tick (ixodes ricinus), we compared the feeding density of subadult ticks on roe deer (capreolus capreolus), red deer (cervus elaphus), fallow deer (dama dama), and wild sheep (ovis ammon) near berlin and in brandenburg state, germany. the prevalence of spirochetal infection in these ticks was compared with that in ticks s ...19938517488
surveillance of lyme borreliosis in germany, 2002 and 2003.lyme borreliosis is a potentially serious infection common in germany, but little data about its incidence, distribution, and clinical manifestations are available. lyme borreliosis is not a notifiable disease in germany, but six of germany's 16 states - berlin, brandenburg, mecklenburg-vorpommern, sachsen, sachsen-anhalt and thüringen, have enhanced notification systems, which do include lyme borreliosis. the efforts made in these states to monitor confirmed cases through notification are there ...200515879644
epidemiological situation of lyme borreliosis in germany: surveillance data from six eastern german states, 2002 to 2006.lyme borreliosis is the most frequent vector-borne disease in germany; however, in only six states in the eastern part of germany (berlin, brandenburg, mecklenburg western pomerania, saxony, saxony-anhalt and thuringia) is early lyme disease (erythema migrans and early neuroborreliosis) a notifiable disease. between 2002 and 2006, the incidence increased constantly; in 2002, the incidence per 100,000 inhabitants was 17.8 and rose by 110% to 37.3 in 2006. the incidence among the states varies gre ...200819030893
pathogens in ticks collected from dogs in berlin/brandenburg, germany.tick-borne diseases are a major health risk for humans and dogs. in addition to collection and analysis of questing ticks, analysis of host-associated ticks for the presence of pathogens is a valuable method to gain insight into transmission patterns of tick-borne diseases.201425441762
seroprevalence of human granulocytic anaplasmosis in berlin/brandenburg, germany: an 8-year survey.this study investigated the seroprevalence of antibodies against anaplasma phagocytophilum in berlin/brandenburg, north-eastern germany. during 1994-2001, 422 sera from patients with proven tick-exposure (specimens with antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi) were compared with 249 control sera. using indirect fluorescent antibody testing, significantly more positive samples were detected among borrelia antibody-positive specimens (4.5%, 95% ci 2.5-6.5%) than among controls (1.2%, 95% ci 0.5-1. ...200616882301
investigation of skin samples from red foxes (vulpes vulpes) in eastern brandenburg (germany) for the detection of borrelia burgdorferi s. l.during earlier investigations a high prevalence of borrelia (b.) burgdorferi s. l. in unfed ixodes (i.) ricinus ticks in the federal state of brandenburg has been demonstrated. in the present study skin samples were obtained from 100 red foxes (vulpes vulpes) from the districts where the highest b. burgdorferi prevalences had previously been found (i.e. uckermark, barnim, märkisch-oderland, oder-spree). bsk- and mkp-medium including inhibitory substances were used for cultivation of spirochaetes ...199910652725
seroprevalence of lyme borreliosis in forestry workers from brandenburg, 1992 blood samples were taken from 630 forestry workers in the state of brandenburg, germany, and an inquiry about tick bites and possible symptoms of lyme borreliosis carried out in order to determine the seroprevalence of the disease. to estimate the rate of seroconversion within six months, 406 of the individuals were investigated a second time. igg and igm antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi were detected in serum using an indirect immunofluorescence assay (ifa) and an immunoblot assa ...19968793394
[incidence of borrelia burgdorferi in scale ticks ixodes ricinus (acari: ixodidae) in the brandenburg district]. 19948147027
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