borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato and co-infections with anaplasma phagocytophilum and rickettsia spp. in ixodes ricinus in hamburg, obtain initial data on borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (spirochaetales: spirochaetaceae) in ixodes ricinus (ixodida: ixodidae) ticks in hamburg, germany, 1400 questing ticks were collected by flagging at 10 different public recreation areas in 2011 and analysed using probe-based quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. the overall rate of infection with b. burgdorferi s.l. was 34.1%; 30.0% of adults were infected (36.7% of females and 26.0% of males), as were 34.5% of nymphs. signifi ...201526096626
[prevalence of borrelia burgdorferi antibodies in hamburg blood donors].one thousand regular blood donors of the department of transfusion medicine at the university hospital in hamburg were screened for antibodies against the lyme disease spirochete, b. burgdorferi. 7.2% were initially reactive in the enzyme immunoassay, 37.5% of which were confirmed by immunoblot. the seroprevalence of anti-b. burgdorferi antibodies thus is 2.7% in hamburg blood donors. 25 of 27 positive donors received a physical exam, which did not reveal any symptoms of acute or chronic lyme di ...19921284777
[epidemiology of borrelia burgdorferi infection. relation of the prevalence rate on determination by serologic procedures].investigation of subclinical infections with borrelia burgdorferi in risk groups in switzerland, austria and southern germany showed an infection rate of 16%-27%. random samples of patients admitted to the neurological department of a hospital on the outskirts of hamburg gave the following results: in 100 sera there was in 27% a positive elisa-test, in 77 sera the ift-test was positive in 13%, and in 210 sera 6% showed a positive ift-test after absorption; the ift- and ift-abs. were compared in ...19902181330
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