surveillance of lyme borreliosis in germany, 2002 and 2003.lyme borreliosis is a potentially serious infection common in germany, but little data about its incidence, distribution, and clinical manifestations are available. lyme borreliosis is not a notifiable disease in germany, but six of germany's 16 states - berlin, brandenburg, mecklenburg-vorpommern, sachsen, sachsen-anhalt and thüringen, have enhanced notification systems, which do include lyme borreliosis. the efforts made in these states to monitor confirmed cases through notification are there ...200515879644
epidemiological situation of lyme borreliosis in germany: surveillance data from six eastern german states, 2002 to 2006.lyme borreliosis is the most frequent vector-borne disease in germany; however, in only six states in the eastern part of germany (berlin, brandenburg, mecklenburg western pomerania, saxony, saxony-anhalt and thuringia) is early lyme disease (erythema migrans and early neuroborreliosis) a notifiable disease. between 2002 and 2006, the incidence increased constantly; in 2002, the incidence per 100,000 inhabitants was 17.8 and rose by 110% to 37.3 in 2006. the incidence among the states varies gre ...200819030893
[complementary to notification required by the national protection against infection act. state-specific mandatory infectious disease notification in saxony-anhalt].in may 1991 a decree supplementing the federal epidemic law concerning the mandatory notification of communicable diseases was implemented by the ministry of health in saxony-anhalt. this was updated and newly implemented in 1997. with implementation of the national protection against infection act in 2001 further amendment of the state regulation (published in april 2005) be came necessary. the following diseases or laboratory evidence of the underlying pathogens, respectively, will now be noti ...200516160886
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