etiology of aseptic meningitis, peripheral facial nerve palsy, and a combination of both in children.a variety of microorganisms have been shown to cause peripheral facial nerve palsy (pfnp) and/or aseptic meningitis in children. clinical findings and history may help to predict the specific etiology of these entities.201019934789
[epidemiological aspects of neurological complications of lyme borreliosis in switzerland. a case-control study].to determine the individual relative risk to neurologically affected patients of infection with borrelia burgdorferi, within the framework of a multicenter case control study encompassing the four neurological departments of the universities of basel, bern, zurich and lausanne, 378 patients and 1134 healthy blood donors serving as controls underwent analysis for antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi by elisa. the seroprevalence were estimated for a cut-off point of 2 standard deviations from t ...19921594902
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