borrelia burgdorferi in urban parks. 19911676804
distribution of borrelia burgdorferi s.l. spirochaete dna in british ticks (argasidae and ixodidae) since the 19th century, assessed by pcr.the distribution of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, the lyme borreliosis agent, was surveyed in british ticks in the collection of the natural history museum, london. alcohol-preserved specimens of eight species of ticks known to attack humans were studied: ixodes ricinus, i. hexagonus, i. uriae, i. trianguliceps, dermacentor reticulatus, haemaphysalis punctata, rhipicephalus sanguineus and argas vespertilionis. the sample comprised all life stages and originated from a wide range of host speci ...19989513944
lyme disease surveillance in england and wales, 1986 1998.improved surveillance indicates that lyme borreliosis, an emerging zoonosis in the united kingdom, has increased from 0.06/100,000 during 1986-1992 to 0.32/100,000 since 1996. case reports peaked in the third quarter of each year. several high-incidence localities were identified. erythema migrans was reported in 41% of patients; arthritis in 4%; musculoskeletal symptoms in 18%; and neuroborreliosis in 15%.200010905978
distribution of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in ixodes ricinus populations across central britain.lyme borreliosis is rapidly emerging in the united kingdom, with over 1000 cases per annum now reported. lyme borreliosis is caused by the borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (s.l.) group of spirochetes, which are transmitted by ixodid ticks. in the united kingdom, ixodes ricinus is recognized as the principal vector of the spirochetes, and this tick species is widely distributed across the country. however, as yet, it is unclear whether the distribution of b. burgdorferi essentially mirrors that of ...201323421892
borrelia burgdorferi serosurvey in wild deer in england and wales.lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the united kingdom and its incidence has been increasing in recent years. however, limited information is available on its epidemiology and dynamics in the u.k. a survey in wild deer to investigate the presence of antibodies reactive to borrellia burgdorferi was conducted to obtain initial information on the distribution pattern of the spirochete in england and wales. samples from roe deer (n=604) and red deer (n=80) were collected in eight ...201222448654
borrelia miyamotoi in host-seeking ixodes ricinus ticks in england.this paper reports the first detection of borrelia miyamotoi in uk ixodes ricinus ticks. it also reports on the presence and infection rates of i. ricinus for a number of other tick-borne pathogens of public health importance. ticks from seven regions in southern england were screened for b. miyamotoi, borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (s.l.), anaplasma phagocytophilum and neoehrlichia mikurensis using qpcr. a total of 954 i. ricinus ticks were tested, 40 were positive for b. burgdorferi s.l., 22 ...201525017971
lyme borreliosis in southern united kingdom and a case for a new syndrome, chronic arthropod-borne neuropathy.this series of serologically confirmed lyme disease is the largest reported in the uk and represents 508 patients who presented to one hospital in the south of england between 1992 and 2012. the mean rate of borreliosis throughout this period was 9·8/100,000 population, much higher than the reported national rate of 1·7/100,000. the actual rate increased each year until 2009 when it levelled off. patients clinically presented with rash (71%), neurological symptoms (16%, of whom half had vii cran ...201524814098
lyme disease and bell's palsy: an epidemiological study of diagnosis and risk in england.lyme disease is caused by a tick-borne spirochaete of the borrelia species. it is associated with facial palsy, is increasingly common in england, and may be misdiagnosed as bell's palsy.201728396367
evidence for lyme disease in urban park workers: a potential new health hazard for city the uk, cases of lyme disease have only been reported from rural areas. recently, however, ixodes ticks infected with borrelia burgdorferi have been found in london parks. to determine whether this constituted a health hazard, we questioned 44 workers from richmond and bushey parks to assess their exposure to tick bites and whether they had a clinical history of lyme disease. their serum was subsequently investigated for antibodies to two different preparations of borrelia burgdorferi (whole ...19948162475
tick abundances in south london parks and the potential risk for lyme borreliosis to the general public.tick abundances and prevalences of infection with borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, the causative agent of lyme disease, were investigated in four south london parks. a total of 360 transects were sampled using three methods of collection (blanket, leggings and flags) simultaneously. no ticks were found on wimbledon common or at hampton court, but 1118 ixodes ricinus (ixodida: ixodidae) ticks were collected at richmond and bushy parks. at richmond park, lower canopy humidity [odds ratio (or) 0.94 ...201526400641
ticks and borrelia in urban and peri-urban green space habitats in a city in southern england.ticks are becoming increasingly recognised as important vectors of pathogens in urban and peri-urban areas, including green space used for recreational activities. in the uk, the risk posed by ticks in such areas is largely unknown. in order to begin to assess the risk of ticks in urban/peri-urban areas in southern england, questing ticks were collected from five different habitat types (grassland, hedge, park, woodland and woodland edge) in a city during the spring, summer and autumn of 2013/20 ...201728089123
arthritis as manifestation of lyme disease in england. 20102884430
host migration impacts on the phylogeography of lyme borreliosis spirochaete species in europe.the geographic patterns of transmission opportunities of vector-borne zoonoses are determined by a complex interplay between the migration patterns of the host and the vector. here we examine the impact of host migration on the spread of a tick-borne zoonotic disease, using lyme borreliosis (lb) spirochaetal species in europe. we demonstrate that the migration of the lb species is dependent on and limited by the migration of their respective hosts. we note that populations of borrelia spp. assoc ...201120722696
lyme disease: an unusual case of peripheral nerve palsy.lyme disease is a vector-borne multisystem inflammatory disease caused by the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato. this disease is frequently seen in north america and to a lesser degree in europe. however, its presence in england is uncommon and we present a case in which the patient developed a palsy of the common peroneal nerve.201020436011
neuroborreliosis in the south west of england.although lyme borreliosis is increasingly diagnosed in the united kingdom, few systematic studies have been performed there. uk data suggest that the commonest complications are neurological, but inadequate information exists about their nature and the incidence of late neuroborreliosis. local data are necessary because clinical presentations may show geographical variation. this study aimed to provide data on clinical manifestations in an area of south west england and to estimate treatment del ...200818325130
4th meeting of the eu research network eurome: from the identification of genes and cellular networks in murine models of arthritis to novel therapeutic intervention strategies in rheumatoid arthritis, london, uk, 9 march 2004.rheumatoid arthritis (ra) is a common human disease with a prevalence of about 1% in most parts of the world. at the time of symptom onset it is difficult to predict the severity of subsequent disease course. after 2 years joint erosions are seen in most patients, and most patients become clinically disabled within 20 years. a recent meeting at the kennedy institute of rheumatology (imperial college, london) brought together representatives from several european centres of excellence, to discuss ...200415225359
tick bite and lyme borreliosis risk at a recreational site in england.the risk of tick bite and lyme borreliosis in a forested area in england with public access was studied over a two-year period. tick infestation levels were high with more than 1000 members of the public reporting for tick removal at a local clinic. most of the attached ticks were nymphs (82%) and distinct differences in anatomical sites of attachment were observed in children and adults. children sustained nymphal bites to the head, neck and axilla region much more frequently than adults (48 vs ...200011078122
differential transmission of the genospecies of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato by game birds and small rodents in england.the genetic diversity of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato was assessed in a focus of lyme borreliosis in southern britain dominated by game birds. ticks, rodents, and pheasants were analyzed for spirochete infections by pcr-targeting the 23s-5s rrna genes, followed by genotyping by the reverse line blot method. in questing ixodes ricinus ticks, three genospecies of b. burgdorferi sensu lato were detected, with the highest prevalences found for borrelia garinii and borrelia valaisiana. b. burgdorf ...19989546150
borrelia burgdorferi infection in uk horses.antibody levels (igg and igm) to borrelia burgdorferi were measured in the sera and synovial fluids of uk horses. western blotting against b. burgdorferi was also used on samples from seropositive horses. a low incidence of seropositivity was shown in horses from most parts of the uk. this increased in areas that have a high incidence of human and canine borreliosis (norfolk and south coast). leptospira infections of horses did not cause cross reactions in the b. burgdorferi elisa. most horses d ...19948542836
should we routinely screen for lyme disease in patients with asymmetrical hearing loss?asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss is usually investigated thoroughly but a diagnosis is often elusive. it is important to identify any treatable causes. lyme disease is a tick-borne infection caused by the spirochaete borrelia burgdorferi, which has been shown to cause asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss, and has been successfully treated. its incidence varies regionally; it occurs where there is a suitable environment for the tick and its animal hosts. we conducted a prospective study ...19947841889
evidence for the transmission of the lyme disease spirochaete to sheep in cumbria. 19947831744
the value of serological testing for lyme disease in the uk.although the prevalence of lyme disease (ld) in the uk is low, patients with clinical presentations compatible with the condition are common. arthritis often complicates ld in north america, however it is a very rare complication of the condition in the uk. many patients seen at st george's hospital, london have visited endemic areas for ld within the uk, europe and north america. to determine the value of serological testing for ld in the uk, we prospectively studied 120 patients seen at this h ...19957704458
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