[meningoencephalomyelitis caused by borrelia burgdorferi: a case without epidemiologic history or chronic migratory erythema].a patient is reported with meningoencephalomyelitis with polyradiculitis caused by borrelia burgdorferi infection. neurological features developed without previously known tick bite nor the characteristic skin lesion, chronic migratory erythema (cme). the vector of the disease (the tick ixodes ricinus) exists in spain, but only one case of meningopolyradiculitis with cme has been reported in asturias. our case stresses that b. burgdorferi infection should be suspected in cases of meningoencephal ...19892601480
[epidemiologic study of lyme disease in asturias].the aim of this study was to confirm the sierra del sueve (asturias) as an endemic area for lyme's disease and determine the seroprevalence of this disease in inhabitants of this and other zones of asturias.19938260513
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