abiotic parameters and diel and seasonal activity of borrelia-infected and uninfected ixodes persulcatus (acarina: ixodidae).during the 1997 season of ixodes persulcatus schulze tick activity, 579 specimens were collected by flagging in the vicinity of st. petersburg (morskaja, lisy nos). collections were made from april to july, and at each collection time the following measurements were recorded: light intensity (in lux); temperature of soil 1-1.5 cm below leaf litter, at the soil surface, and in the air 1.5 m above the soil surface; and relative humidity. the gradient between soil at a depth of 1-1.5 cm and soil su ...200015218900
[detection of the genotypic heterogeneity of ixodes persulcatus schulze (acari: ixodidae) of the north-west region of russia and characteristics of distribution of tick-borne pathogens causing lyme disease and ehrlichia infections in various genotypes].the heterogeneity of the ixodes persulcatus population in the vicinity of saint petersburg was estimated by using malate dehydrogenase (mdh) isoenzyme. there are six mdh genotypes carrying 3 alleles in the ixodes persulcatus population. the prevalence of borrelia and ehrlichia species in the study genotypes was analyzed. there was a difference in the prevalence and intensity of infection. the greatest abundance of borrelia was described in the genotypes to genogroup 1 (with allele 1). among them ...200111680364
[the experience of a serological examination of the rural population in a territory endemic for lyme borreliosis].serological surveys have been performed in two communities (kirovsk district, leningrad province) endemic for lyme's borreliosis. 736 individuals (51% of the population) have been examined. standard capillary blood samples (drops from the finger on a filter paper) have been investigated by indirect immunofluorescence. blood sera of residents from nonendemic territories and patients with various rheumatic diseases served as a control. serum dilution 1:80 was considered as a reliable screening tit ...19902145501
the prevalence of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in ixodes persulcatus and i. ricinus ticks in the zone of their sympatry.a total of 7210 unfed adult ixodes persulcatus schulze, 1930 and i. ricinus (l., 1758) ticks were collected from the vegetation by flagging in 35 study sites located in the zone of their sympatry (mainly in leningrad region, russia). borrelia infection in ticks was estimated by the dark-field microscopic analysis of gut contents in standard vital preparations at a magnification of x600. no correlation was revealed between the series of parameters characterising the abundance of each tick species ...200111266136
evidence of babesia microti infection in multi-infected ixodes persulcatus ticks in detect babesia-infected ixodes persulcatus shulze in a suburb of st. petersburg, russia, 738 adult ticks were studied using babesia specific primers and pcr techniques. the entire sample (more than 1,200 individuals) was screened for the presence of borrelia spp., ehrlichia spp. and tick-borne encephalitis virus (tbev). all 7 ticks infected with babesia microti, were also infected with other pathogens (all 7 among 417 infected ticks, zero amongst the remaining 321 naive ones (chi2 = 5.25, p<0 ...200314635819
[the identification of borrelia isolated in the soviet union and czechoslovakia from ixodes ricinus (l.) ticks].seven strains of the causative agent of lyme borreliosis have been isolated from ticks of the species ixodes ricinus (l.) obtained at the territories of leningrad province, lithuania and czechoslovakia. the strains have been studied in reactions with 5 types of monoclonal antibodies. all isolated strains belong to serotype ii according to barbour's system and are typical for european strains.19902145716
detection and identification of bacterial agents in ixodes persulcatus schulze ticks from the north western region of russia.ixodes persulcatus schultze ticks are traditionally associated with transmission of lyme disease, babesiosis, and tick-borne encephalitis. here we compared the prevalence of infection with borrelia burgdorferi, and rickettsial and ehrlichial agents in i. persulcatus ticks collected in different locations of the north western administrative region of russia. altogether, 27.7% of ticks were infected with at least one organism, while the dna of two or more bacteria was found in 11.8% of ticks teste ...200717767409
[the localization of borrelia in the body of the ixodes persulcatus tick at different developmental stages].borrelia burgdorferi s. lato have been recovered by means of an observations in a dark screen, phase and anoptrail contrasts in 87.47% imago and 100% nymphs and larvae of the ixodes persulcatus ticks collected in the leningrad, novgorod and pskov regions. four morphological types of borreliae have been recognized, which were present in all stages of ticks examined. the location of the agent in ticks was examined in the material coloured after levaditi. in the hungry stages and the most abundance ...19979304104
borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in russia and neighbouring countries: high incidence of mixed isolates.a total of 365 isolates of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato from 12 major administrative territories of russia (from st. petersburg in the west to south sakhalin in the east) and from the czech republic, estonia, lithuania, byelorussia, moldavia, ukraine and kirghizia were identified by analysis of restriction polymorphism of ribosomal rrf-rrl spacer amplicons. the isolates were obtained mainly from ixodes persulcatus and i. ricinus ticks. other sources included small mammals, human patients and ...19979765854
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