serological survey of five zoonoses, scrub typhus, japanese spotted fever, tularemia, lyme disease, and q fever, in feral raccoons (procyon lotor) in japan.we investigated the seroprevalence of five tick- or mite-borne zoonoses, scrub typhus (orientia tsutsugamushi), japanese spotted fever (rickettsia japonica), tularemia (francisella tularensis), lyme disease (borrelia afzelii and borrelia garinii), and q fever (coxiella burnetii), in feral raccoons (procyon lotor) captured in hokkaido and kanagawa prefectures in japan. of the 559 raccoons captured in hokkaido, 8 (1.4%), 3 (0.5%), 1 (0.2%), and 1 (0.2%) carried antibodies against o. tsutsugamushi ...201120553108
prevalence of antibodies against borrelia species in patients with unclassified uveitis in regions in which lyme disease is endemic and nonendemic.we studied 93 patients with unclassified uveitis from two regions in japan (hokkaido and kanagawa) to assess the contribution of borrelia species to this condition. the seroprevalence of antibody to borrelia species was higher in patients from hokkaido than in those from kanagawa. the unclassified uveitis of seropositive patients was probably a complication of lyme borreliosis since (i) the antibody titers were as high as those in clinically diagnosed lyme disease patients, (ii) healthy controls ...19957719913
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