prevalence of lyme borreliosis spirochetes in ixodid ticks of japan, with special reference to a new potential vector, ixodes ovatus (acari: ixodidae).to determine the vectors of lyme borreliosis in japan, the ixodid ticks taken in hokkaido, fukushima, nagano, ehime, and kochi prefectures were examined individually for spirochetal infections by culturing their midgut tissues in bsk medium. the cultivable spirochetes identified as borrelia burgdorferi were detected in ixodes persulcatus schulze adults (15.5% of 634), nymph (6.7% of 15) and ixodes ovatus neumann adult (9.6% of 188) from hokkaido, i. ovatus adults (25.5% of 47) from fukushima, an ...19921495032
organization of ribosomal rna genes in borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato isolated from ixodes ovatus in japan.borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato was obtained from adult ixodid ticks, ixodes ovatus, collected in nagano, japan, and was named nt112. the genomic dna was digested with enzymes, electrophoresed, blotted and hybridized with rrna gene probes obtained from b. burgdorferi sensu stricto b31. the results showed that the borrelial chromosome contains a single rrs (16s rrna gene) sequence and two copies of rrl/rrf (23s/5s rrna genes) sequences. the rrl/rrf genes were tandemly repeated at intervals of 3.2 ...19937507551
genetic diversity and the absence of regional differences of borrelia garinii as demonstrated by ospa and ospb gene sequence analysis.unfed adult ixodes persulcatus ticks were collected from four locations of nagano and hokkaido in japan. infected borrelia garinii were investigated by pcr-rflp of the ospa and ospb gene sequences. the primer set amplified an approximately 1.6-kb dna fragment (0.7-kb in some strains), and bsri, bstyi, or nlaiii digestion of the product resulted in six distinctively different pcr-rflp groups and two independent borrelial strains. the representatives in each pcr-rflp group and individuals from the ...199910656177
distribution of borrelia species associated with lyme disease in the subalpine forests of nagano prefecture, japan.we surveyed the natural distribution of borrelia species associated with lyme disease in the subalpine forests of nagano prefecture, japan, during 1993-94. tick-derived isolates (n = 112) from ixodes persulcatus and rodent-derived isolates (n = 55) from apodemus argenteus, apodemus speciosus, eothenomys andersoni, eothenomys smithii, and microtus montebelli were classified by rrna gene restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis (rflp ribotyping). ribotype group iv (an intraspecific varian ...19968709867
possibility of lyme disease as an occupational disease-- seroepidemiological study of regional residents and forestry workers.we conducted a study to investigate the state of human infection by the lyme disease pathogen by determining the prevalence of positivity for serum anti-body to borrelia burgdorferi among regional residents and forestry workers in nagano prefecture. assay of the antibody titer was performed by indirect fluorescent antibody technique (ifa) using borrelia burgdorferi strain b-31 as the antigen. the study was based on the results of an earlier investigation to test our prediction of high infection ...19947605695
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