first records of tick-borne pathogens, borrelia, and spotted fever group rickettsiae in okinawajima island, early april 2000, tick-borne pathogens were surveyed in the northern area of okinawajima island, okinawa prefecture, which is the southernmost area of japan. borrelia valaisiana, a lyme disease spirochete, was isolated from a field mouse mus calori, and unidentified rickettsiae of the spotted fever group were isolated from all stages of amblyomma testudinarium. these are the first reports of these pathogens on okinawajima island.200111293483
multilocus sequence typing and dna similarity analysis implicates that a borrelia valaisiana-related sp. isolated in japan is distinguishable from european b. valaisiana.lyme disease borrelia spp. are transmitted by ixodes ticks, and more than 10 species of borreliae have been identified around the world. recently, another borrelia sp. has been reported in asia (japan, korea, china, taiwan and thailand) as borrelia valaisiana-related sp. in the present study, we obtained and genetically characterized 19 b. valaisiana-related sp. strains from mammals and ticks. genetic analyses showed that the borrelia strains were distinct from b. valaisiana found in europe. mul ...201323665530
new genomospecies related to borrelia valaisiana, isolated from mammals in okinawa archipelago, 2000 and 2001, a survey was conducted of borrelia isolated from various mammals in the southernmost islands of japan, including okinawa (main island), izena, iriomote and ishigaki. isolates obtained from the ear tissues of suncus murinus (10 isolates), mus calori (four isolates), rattus norvegicus (one isolate) and crocidura watasei (one isolate), were characterized by rflp of the 5s-23s rdna intergenic spacer and sequence analysis of the intergenic spacer, 16s rdna and flagellin gene. while ...200415096552
detection of borrelia garinii, borrelia tanukii and borrelia sp. closely related to borrelia valaisiana in ixodes ticks removed from dogs and cats in japan.ticks removed from 1136 dogs and 134 cats all over japan were examined for borrelia infection by pcr and sequencing. the 5s-23s rdna intergenic spacer of borrelia was detected from two ixodes persulcatus ticks from two dogs and two unidentified ixodes spp. from another two dogs in hokkaido, and two ixodes granulatus ticks from two cats in okinawa. additional 2 i. granulatus from the same cats also showed positive. sequence analysis of the pcr products revealed that the one from hokkaido was simi ...200717049744
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