consensus sequence on the genes encoding the major outer surface proteins (ospa and ospb) of borrelia garinii isolate.japanese lyme borrelias classified as ribotype iv is predominant among isolates derived from clinical specimens, reservoir rodents and ixodes persulcatus ticks, and has been characterized as borrelia garinii. these b. garinii isolates have antigenic and genetic features apparently different from north american, european and other asian isolates, especially in major outer surface proteins a (ospa) and b (ospb). in this study, we cloned and sequenced the genes encoding ospa and ospb from b. garini ...19979087950
[prevalence of lyme borrelia on tick collected in shizuoka prefecture]. 19957745312
immunological properties of borrelia burgdorferi isolated from the ixodes ovatus in shizuoka, japan.three strains of spirochetes (ika1 to 3) were isolated from the midgut of ixodes ovatus collected in the ikawa region of the northern part of shizuoka, japan. these isolates had eight flagella, and their size and other morphological features were similar to borrelia burgdorferi. they showed similar motility and reacted with monoclonal antibody (mab) h9724 against borrelial flagella and with mab h5332 against the outer surface protein a. these strains showed similar sds-page profiles to that of b ...19911779892
seroepidemiological survey for antibody to borrelia burgdorferi in cows.antibody to borrelia burgdorferi was examined in 380 healthy and 38 clinical cases of cows from hokkaido and shizuoka in japan. in healthy animals, igg and igm antibody to b. burgdorferi ho14 strain were found in 44 cows (14.6%) and 24 cows (8.0%) from hokkaido. in contrast, antibody-positive case was not observed except for only 1 case which was igm positive (1/79: 1.3%) in cows from shizuoka. mean antibody levels of healthy animals in hokkaido and shizuoka were 0.651 and 0.263 (igg antibody to ...19921479959
[a case of lyme borreliosis which was suspected to be caused by borrelia japonica infection in shizuoka, japan].we report a case of lyme borreliosis (lyme disease) found in shizuoka city, japan which was suspected to be caused by borrelia japonica infection. a 8-year-old female was bitten on her head by a tick at a camping ground, near tamagawa, shizuoka. the tick was removed by the patient and was discarded before species identification. after one week, lymph node swelling with tenderness developed on her left neck. she consulted a local pediatrician and was suspected to have upper respiratory infection. ...19968621970
detection of ehrlichial dna in small rodents captured in a woodland area of hokkaido, the northernmost island of japan, where lyme disease is endemic.the ehrlichial gene was detected in small rodents trapped in a lyme disease-endemic area in hokkaido, the northernmost island of japan. primer pairs of 16s rdna targeting the genus ehrlichia and other regions of the 16s rdna specific for e. chaffeensis and e. muris were used for identification. the dna fragment specific for 16s rdna of ehrlichia spp. was detected in 4 of 94 apodemus speciosus mice (positive rate: 4.3%) and 5 of 73 clethrionomys rufocanus bedfordiae mice (positive rate: 6.8%). th ...200516249629
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