[discovery and clinical investigation of lyme disease in beijing area].the investigation of lyme disease in beijing area is reported for the first time. the sera of 1314 local residents were examined by indirect immunofluorescent assay. 11.9% of them were seropositive to borrelia burgdorferi. the principal vector was haemapsysalis longicornis. six strains of b. burgdorferi were isolated from ticks or patients using modified bsk medium. spirochetes were found in 5 of 30 patients' skin biopsy samples. penicillin or ceftriaxone was used to treat the patients, and the ...19948082132
lyme disease spirochetes in ticks from northeastern china.during may 1996, field surveys on lyme disease spirochetes were conducted in beijing, shenyang, fushun, and inner mongolia in northeastern china. the ticks collected consisted of 3 genera and 12 species. of these, ixodes persulcatus was dominant in sun-exposed vegetation in forests in inner mongolia; 57 borrelia strains (55/123 unfed adults and 2/5 immature stages fed on a rodent) were obtained from this tick by bsk culture. additionally, 2/2 apodemus peninsulae were positive. ixodes nipponensis ...19989645846
[study on the coinfection of three tick-borne infectious diseases in china using polymerase chain reaction method].to study the existence of ehrluichiosis, lyme disease and tick-borne spotted fever coinfection in some areas in china.200515921584
the occurrence of dirofilaria immitis, borrelia burgdorferi, ehrlichia canis and anaplasma phagocytophium in dogs in china.a survey of the occurrence of dirofilaria immitis, borrelia burgdorferi, ehrlichia canis and anaplasma phagocytophium in dogs was undertaken in the people's republic of china between october 2008 and october 2009. a total of 600 blood samples were taken from dogs in four cities in china: 300 in beijing, 150 in shenzhen, 30 in shanghai and 120 in zhengzhou. all samples were tested for the heartworm antigen and antibodies of canine b. burgdorferi, e. canis and a. phagocytophium by using the canine ...201121729390
epidemiological and clinical features of three clustered cases co-infected with lyme disease and rickettsioses.lyme disease and rickettsioses are two common diseases in china. however, the concomitant occurrence of both diseases in a single individual has been reported infrequently in literature. we reported three related female patients admitted at beijing ditan hospital from october to december 2010. they had similar epidemiological histories. at the beginning, they only got a single diagnosis, respectively, but after specific screenings, the final diagnoses were made. because arthropods can harbour mo ...201323280084
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