[study on the coinfection of three tick-borne infectious diseases in china using polymerase chain reaction method].to study the existence of ehrluichiosis, lyme disease and tick-borne spotted fever coinfection in some areas in china.200515921584
[the discover of lyme disease in fujian province].by means of indirect fluorescent antibody assay (ifa), borrelia burgdorferi b31 strain was used for antigen, to detect the 2579 serum specimens from forest area in 9 counties of fujian province, 47 cases in 8 counties were detected positive, positive rate was 1.82%. by epidemiological investigation, we found that peoples who infected with lyme disease, 91.67% of them (22/24) have been bited by ixodes, and 6 cases suffer typical clinical symptoms of lyme disease, 9 cases have the similar or somew ...19911878953
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