serological investigation of vector-borne disease in dogs from rural areas of evaluate the anaplasma phagocytophilum (a. phagocytophilum), ehrlichia canis (e. canis), dirofilaria immitis (d. immitis) (canine heartworm), borrelia burgdorferi (b. burgdorferi) infections in countryside dogs from yunnan, hainan and anhui provinces.201223569877
ixodes sinensis: competence as a vector to transmit the lyme disease spirochete borrelia order to determine the principal vectors of lyme disease in south china, the capability of ixodes sinensis to transmit lyme disease spirochetes transstadially was estimated in the laboratory. results suggest that i. sinensis can acquire active lyme disease spirochetes by feeding on infected mice of kunming strains (km), and the positive rates of larvae and nymph i. sinensis infected were 94.0% and 92.0%, respectively. i. sinensis maintained active spirochetes during blood digestion and moltin ...200312804379
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