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molecular evidence of tick-borne pathogens in hyalomma anatolicum ticks infesting cattle in xinjiang uygur autonomous region, northwestern china.although tick-borne pathogens have been widely reported in ticks in china, there is little information available on the prevalence of information in hyalomma ticks from cattle. this study aims to determine the occurrence of pathogens in hyalomma anatolicum collected from cattle in xinjiang uygur autonomous region, china, by pcr, sequencing and phylogenetic analysis. borrelia burgdorferi s.s., rickettsia massiliae and anaplasma bovis were identified, whereas dna of ehrlichia species and an anapla ...201728875270
a broad-range survey of ticks from livestock in northern xinjiang: changes in tick distribution and the isolation of borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto.borreliosis is highly prevalent in xinjiang uygur autonomous region, china. however, little is known about the presence of borrelia pathogens in tick species in this region, in addition borrelia pathogens have not been isolated from domestic animals.201526337627
[first delection of borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto genotype from hyalomma asiaticum in karamay, xinjiang uygur autonomous region of china]. 201526281627
[isolation of borrelia burgdorferi in ixodes from four counties, in north xinjiang].to identify ticks and determine the borrelia (b.) burgdorferi genotype from four counties of northern xinjiang.201424831623
distribution of tick-borne diseases in an important contributor to vector-borne diseases in china, in recent years, tick-borne diseases have attracted much attention because of their increasing incidence and consequent significant harm to livestock and human health. the most commonly observed human tick-borne diseases in china include lyme borreliosis (known as lyme disease in china), tick-borne encephalitis (known as forest encephalitis in china), crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever (known as xinjiang hemorrhagic fever in china), q-f ...201323617899
development of real-time polymerase chain reaction for detection of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in china.universal primers and probes were selected on the basis of the 16s rrna gene sequence of borrelia burgdorferi in genbank®, and a real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr) method for detection of b. burgdorferi was established. the results showed that this method could specifically detect the b31 strain (borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto), the bo23 strain (borrelia afzelii), and the sz strain (borrelia garinii), without cross-reaction with genome dna of theileria (t. luwenshuni, t. uilenbergi, t ...201222448677
lyme disease borrelia spp. in ticks and rodents from northwestern may 1999, field surveys of lyme disease spirochetes were conducted around the tianshan mountains in xinjiang uygur autonomous region in northwestern people's republic of china. ixodes persulcatus ticks were obtained in a tianchi lake valley with primary forest, while the tick fauna was poor in the semidesert or at higher altitudes in this region. species identities were confirmed by molecular analysis in which an internal transcribed spacer sequence was used. of 55 adult ticks, 22 (40%) were ...200111679340
investigation of lyme disease in xinjiang.from april through july 1988, an epidemiological investigation on lyme disease was carried out in nalati xanyuan, xinjiang uygur autonomous region, china. of 150 ixodes persulcatus ticks examined by darkfield microscopy, 42 (28%) were found to have spirochetes. two strains of spirochetes were isolated from i. persulcatus with bsk medium. rabbits inoculated with the spirochetes showed erythema chronicum migrans at the sites of inoculation and the spirochetes were found in the cerebrospinal fluid ...19912065539
[survey on tick vectors of lyme disease spirochetes in china].since 1987 we have been studying on lyme disease in china. there were 71 isolates of borrelia burgdorferi recovered from six species of ticks including ixodes persulcatus, ixodes granulatus, ixodes rangtangensis, haemaphysalis concinna. haemaphysalis bispinosa and haemaphysalis longicornis, and 55 isolates from ixodes persulcatus collected from heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, nei-monggol, hebei and xinjiang region (province). ixodes persulcarus is the dominant species accounted for more than 80% ...19921300244
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