arbovirus infections in humans in new south wales. seroepidemiology of the alphavirus group of togaviruses.a seroepidemiological study of the prevalence of antibodies to alphaviruses (ross river [rrv], sindbis [sin] and getah [get] viruses) was carried out on 16 842 specimens of sera collected during 1981 and 1982 from individuals of all ages living in all health regions of new south wales. prevalence rates were found to be low in the major coastal cities of sydney, newcastle and wollongong, and in the whole of the tablelands. in coastal populations, the rates were highest in the far and mid north co ...19846094993
isolation of arboviruses from mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) collected from the gulf plains region of northwest queensland, part of investigations into japanese encephalitis (je) virus and related flaviviruses in northern australia, 153,529 mosquitoes were collected and processed for virus isolation from the gulf plains region of northwest queensland. collections from within 30 km of each of the townships of croydon, normanton and karumba yielded 3,087 (2.0%), 66,009 (43.0%), and 84,433 (55.0%) mosquitoes, respectively, from which 16 viruses were isolated. four isolates of murray valley encephalitis (mve), two of ...200212349863
flavivirus isolations from mosquitoes collected from western cape york peninsula, australia, 1999-2000.after the 1st appearance of japanese encephalitis virus (je) on mainland australia in 1998, a study was undertaken to investigate whether je had become established in enzootic transmission cycles on western cape york peninsula. adult mosquitoes were collected during the late wet season from kowanyama and pormpuraaw in april 1999, and pormpuraaw and barr's yard in april 2000. despite processing 269,270 mosquitoes for virus isolation, no isolates of je were obtained. however, other flaviviruses co ...200314710742
a survey for antibodies to arboviruses in domestic fowls in queensland. 19734777213
isolation of japanese encephalitis virus from culex annulirostris in australia.mosquitoes were collected using co2 and octenol-baited light traps during an outbreak of japanese encephalitis (je) on badu island in the torres strait, australia in april 1995. a total of 13,300 mosquitoes comprising 12 species were processed for virus isolation. eight isolates of je virus were obtained from culex annulirostris, with a carriage rate of 2.97:1,000; this mosquito also yielded one sindbis virus isolate. a reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction was used to sequence the je ...19979063367
alphavirus infection in mosquitoes at the ross river reservoir, north queensland, 1990-1993.this study addresses the potential problem of alphavirus infection associated with recreational use of the ross river reservoir in north queensland, australia. from 1990 to 1993, 51,497 adult female mosquitoes were collected mainly by co2-supplemented light traps. four localities within the reservoir were considered and compared with mosquitoes collected during 1991 from 2 public localities around townsville city. ten isolates of ross river virus, one of barmah forest virus, and 2 of sindbis vir ...19968887221
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