ord river arboviruses--serological epidemiology.this paper presents the results of haemagglutination-inhibition tests carried out on sera from 441 persons, 1,080 cattle and 335 birds in the kimberley area. two alphaviruses (group a) (ross river and sindbis) and one flavivirus (murray valley encephalitis) were used for the preparation of haemagglutinins in the haemagglutination-inhibition tests. the tests showed a high percentage of antibody of murray valley encephalitis in humans, birds and cattle, with an obvious focus of infection in the st ...19761021093
isolation of murray valley encephalitis virus from sentinel chickens.sentinel chickens were established in 3 centres along the murray valley on 20 december 1973. the demonstration of antibody in the serum of chickens in the mildura and kerang areas indicated sindbis virus activity late in december 1973 and early in january 1974. tests for antibody to mve virus were negative until blood collected from one chicken at echuca on 27 february 1974 and several chickens at mildura and kerang on 14 march 1974, showed positive hi reactions. murray valley encephalitis virus ...19751164265
variation in arbovirus infection rates in species of birds sampled in a serological survey during an encephalitis epidemic in the murray valley of south-eastern australia, february 1974.there was extensive and exuberant breeding of waterbirds before and during an epidemic of arboviral encephalitis in the murray valley of south eastern australia in 1974. as estimated by haemagglutination inhibition tests on 432 bird sera collected between 4th and 13th february, 1974, infection with murray valley encephalitis virus, kunjin virus and possibly other flaviviruses was concentrated in species of the order ciconiiformes (55% positive) and pelecaniformes (41%), compared with only 5% in ...19826299259
isolation of arboviruses from mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) collected from the gulf plains region of northwest queensland, part of investigations into japanese encephalitis (je) virus and related flaviviruses in northern australia, 153,529 mosquitoes were collected and processed for virus isolation from the gulf plains region of northwest queensland. collections from within 30 km of each of the townships of croydon, normanton and karumba yielded 3,087 (2.0%), 66,009 (43.0%), and 84,433 (55.0%) mosquitoes, respectively, from which 16 viruses were isolated. four isolates of murray valley encephalitis (mve), two of ...200212349863
complete genomic sequence of the australian south-west genotype of sindbis virus: comparisons with other sindbis strains and identification of a unique deletion in the 3'-untranslated region.our previous studies have shown that two distinct genotypes of sindbis (sin) virus occur in australia. one of these, the oriental/australian type, circulates throughout most of the australian continent, whereas the recently identified south-west (sw) genetic type appears to be restricted to a distinct geographic region located in the temperate south-west of australia. we have now determined the complete nucleotide and translated amino acid sequences of a sw isolate of sin virus (sw6562) and perf ...200312876458
flavivirus isolations from mosquitoes collected from western cape york peninsula, australia, 1999-2000.after the 1st appearance of japanese encephalitis virus (je) on mainland australia in 1998, a study was undertaken to investigate whether je had become established in enzootic transmission cycles on western cape york peninsula. adult mosquitoes were collected during the late wet season from kowanyama and pormpuraaw in april 1999, and pormpuraaw and barr's yard in april 2000. despite processing 269,270 mosquitoes for virus isolation, no isolates of je were obtained. however, other flaviviruses co ...200314710742
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