[complete nucleotide sequence of the nonstructural gene of alphavirus yn87448 strain isolated in china and its relationship to other sindbis viruses].to determine the complete nucleotide sequence of the nonstructural gene of yn87448 virus stain which was firstly isolated from a female patient with fever in yunnan province in 1986, and identified as a member of alphavirus by the serological method.199912759966
distribution of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne arboviruses in yunnan province near the china-myanmar-laos border.abstract. economic development and increased tourism in the southern region of yunnan province in china, adjacent to several countries in southeast asia, has increased the likelihood of import and export of vectors and vector-borne diseases. we report the results of surveillance of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne arboviruses along the border of china-myanmar-laos in 2005 and 2006, and information associating several arboviruses with infections and possibly disease in local human populations. seven ...201121540383
phenotypic and molecular characteristics of plaque-purified mx10 virus, an oriental-australian genotype of sindbis virus from yunnan, china.a previous investigation showed that mx10 virus, recently isolated in china, belongs to the oriental-australian (o/a) genotype of sindbis virus (sinv) (wang jinglin, 2011, atmh). similar to the mre16 isolate, the prototype o/a genotype of sinv, two derivate viruses with obviously different plaque morphologies were derived from mx10 virus, which were accordingly denoted as mx10-lp and mx10-sp. mx10-lp virus exhibited higher neurovirulence in neonatal mice than mx10-sp virus. analysis of the compl ...201322965578
screening of medicinal plants from yunnan province in southwest china for antiviral an ethnopharmacological screening of medicinal plants used in yunnan province of china, ethanol extracts from 31 plant species were assayed for inhibition of murine cytomegalovirus and sindbis virus infections. parallel assays were carried out with and without exposure to uva radiation to test for photo-mediation of activity. antiviral activity was observed with 16 of the plant extracts. eight plant extracts have been selected for further studies, with the objective of characterizing the anti ...19911661356
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