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distribution and seasonal activity of mosquitoes in al madinah al munwwrah, saudi this study, 2654 adults and mosquito larvae, which belong to 18 species and 4 genera, were collected: aedes (2 spp.), anopheles (7 spp.), culex (8 spp.) and culiseta (1 sp.). they were aedes caspius, ae. aegypti, anopheles. azaniae, an. d'thali, an. multicolor, an. rhodesiensis, an. stephensi, an. sub-pictus, an. turkhudi, culex laticinctus, cx. perexiguus, cx. pipiens, cx. quin-quefasciatus, cx. simpsoni, cx. theileri, cx. tritaeniorhynchus, cx. univittatus and culiseta longiareolata. a tota ...201020503600
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